What Are The Metal Crushers And How Do They Work?

Metal crushers are used in a wide range of applications. There are simple units to crush soft items like straw, waste paper and plastic. Heavy-duty crushers can crush even metal objects. They are perfect for crushing scrap metals. Some crushing machines can further grind the crushed pieces. In such a case, a grinding machine is also installed. It works after the crushing machine.

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What Are Metal Crushers?

They are heavy-duty machines designed to crush different types of items. The machine has a hopper to drop the input material. These machines generally have two rollers with heavy-duty metal teeth. The teeth of both rollers rotate and mesh into each other at one point. During this rotation, they pull in the input item between them and crush it severely. The crushed parts come out when the teeth of both rollers disengage during the rotation. Metal crushing units have very strong and wider teeth. This crushing results in a larger object broken into multiple small pieces. The sizes of the crushed and broken parts that come out of this machine depend on the size of the crushing teeth and spacing between them.

What Do They Crush?

It depends on the purpose for which the machine is installed. Metal crushers are available for a variety of applications. They are used in various industries to crush items like waste paper, straw, plastic and metals. The size and thickness of the metal teeth depend on the hardness of the input item. A machine used to crush wastepaper does not require the same heavy-duty teeth needed for crushing metals. However, it also depends on the amount and hardness of input that requires crushing at one go. A large bundle of dry wastepaper will require similar heavy-duty crushing machine as the one needed to crush metals.

What Is the Use of a Crushing Machine?

A metal crusher is designed to break a large object into smaller pieces. Crushing helps achieve many objectives. Once large and odd shape items have been crushed, they become easier to store and transport efficiently. For example, a metal frame may take lots of space in a container but once it is crushed, its crushed small bits can be accommodated in a small part of the same container. In case of scrap metal, crushing makes it easier to separate one material from another based on their properties. For example, a vehicle tyre once crushed can be separated easily into small bits of rubber and metal. The manufacturing units that source raw materials from such places need refined raw materials.

Advantages of Crushing Machines

These machines are very useful in improving the productivity of the scrap yards, recycling centres and other places that receive junks and other rejected items. Crushed objects take up less space than their original form. Once crushed, they can be stored in a smaller space. Fewer workers are needed to break apart and crush large objects. It can take several hours and workers to break apart and crush a large object like a vehicle body and separate its metal, plastic and other parts. The crushing machine speeds up this process, improving the productivity of the centre. The crushing operation becomes more cost-effective.
These advantages have made the metal crushers an invaluable machine for the scrap yards, recycling centres and manufacturing companies.